Eyebrow Threading




Eyebrow threading is a process of shaping the eyebrows with help of a cotton thread. Eyebrow threading is far less painful than waxing. The results last longer and the eyebrow definition is much better. You can can get skin redness with waxing but with threading there is a lot less stress on the skin which means there is no redness or rashes.


Benefits Of Eyebrow Threading

  • Very accurate, perfect eyebrow arches
  • Waxing removes skin layers, threading only remove hairs
  • Results last lot longer, thinner regrowth
  • No skin rash, no iritation, no skin eruptions
  • Threading can target even a single hair
  • Nature friendly, 100% chemical free, waxing produces lots of waste

Myths of Eyebrow Threading :-

Previously, not many people knew about eyebrow threading, in last few years the Eyebrow Threading has become very popular everywhere. Many eyebrow threading places have opened up, but unfortunately some of them are misleading customers. We have seen in beauty Industry, some people are marketing Eyebrow threading to benefit their own cause, rather than the best interest of customers. We will shed light on some of the false claims people are making about eyebrow threading, we are passing this information to people to protect the reputation of eyebrow threading and its place in beauty industry:-

1) Eyebrow threading is pain free :-

Well, Eyebrow threading does cause some discomfort, in this process the hairs get plucked by the thread. It largely depends upon the therapist who is doing it. It also depends upon the sensitivity of a skin, it depends upon an individual’s endurance. Sometimes underlying skin conditions can also trigger discomfort.A good eyebrow threading technician can make a difference of day and night to the amount of discomfort this process may cause. How to run the thread on different types of eyebrows depends upon many factors, like, direction of hair, thickness of hair, its density, porosity of skin, age of the person, tightness of skin and many more… Some customers who come to us tell us their past experiences about trauma to the skin that was caused by a bad threading technician, we have witnessed cuts and bruises on the eyebrow lines of people who end up in wrong hands. We feel obliged to educate people that be careful, if it is too cheap, chances are you might be risking beauty of your eyebrows and trauma to your skin. If you are unhappy with the quality of eyebrow threading you are getting, please call us and we will show you how it is done properly.


2) Eyebrow Threading And Eyebrow Shaping Jargon:-

We noticed that some of the eyebrow threading places are misleading the customers by having two different terminologies for the same process; Eyebrow Threading and Eyebrow Shaping. Well, they are technically both the same, If you have little extra regrowth, they call it “Eyebrow Shaping”, if the growth is one week old, they are calling it “Eyebrow Threading”, Why?? They charge you $5 more for “Eyebrow Shaping” than “Eyebrow Threading”, it is not fair. At our salon we do not charge extra for one or the other, we simply call our service “Eyebrow Threading”, which is an ancient term for this process. We have a flat rate of $10 for making your arches look good.


3) Latest Techniques in Eyebrow Threading :-

We are amused by marketing tactics of people these days, they claim that they offer latest techniques in eyebrow threading. My dear, there is only one technique that is right for Eyebrow threading, that is, which gives you perfect shape with minimum or next to no discomfort. To give eyebrows perfect shape is not a technique, it is an art. If it was a technique, it will be very easy for any to pick up a thread and start doing it, it takes years of practise to master this art. Yes, anyone can do learn this, but it will take time. How an Eyebrow technician will improvise this process, It largely depends upon the type of skin, eyebrows and its density, thickness of hair, there is only one way that is right. It is same old technique, technicians are many but artists are only few in this industry.


4) We will give you the arches you have longed for:-

Another false claim we hear from time to time is, we can give any shape to your eyebrows that  you want! Well, everyone is gifted with a natural shape and contour of eyebrows, that mother nature has made for you, to suit your facial features. A good eyebrow artist will look at your facial curves and features, and will adjust the shape that will best suit your looks. Simply removing few lines of eyebrow hair is not eyebrow threading, it is an art to mould the natural curves into something very attractive. Your eyebrows can make quite a difference to your looks and personality, think twice about the shape that you want, a shape of eyebrows that looks attractive on one face might not go as well on another. Any permanent change to shape of your eyebrows should be done with proper consultation and by an experienced eyebrow artist, it generally takes few sitting, few weeks should be allowed for the shape to set in and develop. It is a multistage process, rather than a matter of couple of sittings.