Great services including IPL laser hair removal near Dandenong

Heena Hair and Beauty provides a great range of services that are performed by trained professionals. At our fully equipped and spacious salon, you can enjoy treatments such as eyebrow threading, IPL laser hair removal and IPL skin rejuvenation in the Dandenong area. We pride ourselves on offering the best service, which includes using high quality products and the latest techniques whilst employing skilled and friendly staff.
Hair removal is one of the most sought after treatments at our clinic and with a skilled beautician offering eyebrow threading and intense pulsed light treatments, you can look forward to perfectly defined brows and smooth hairless skin. Our methods are safe and provide the best level of removal to ensure long lasting results.
IPL skin rejuvenation is able to perfect your complexion and removes many signs of aging including wrinkles and age spots. Many clients of all ages are using this quick and easy procedure to get that flawless skin they had only dreamt about.
To find out more about our treatments or to make a booking, simply contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.