Herbal Hot Steam Bath


Since thousands of years, steam bath has always been considered as an amazing way to relax stresses of mind,  rejuvenate and detox the body of a person.  We use pure, natural, organic herbs to generate the steam in treatment chamber. When combined Herbal steam bath with massage, it multiplies the benefits of massage by many fold.

It has profound health and beauty benefits. Herbal steam bath is a natural detox process, heat of the steam causes body to sweat and eliminate toxins sitting in deep layers of the body. Herbal steam bath is very beneficial for the liver also.  Herbs present in the steam cleanse the body both inside and outsid, it encourages the release of excess uric acid from the body. Steam bath is also very beneficial for people suffering from hyperuricemia (condition of high uric acid levels in the blood), gout, arthritis, restless mind, insomnia or for people suffering from aches and pains.