6 sauna cc


Vibrosaun has been a great addition to our list of services, our clients are very thankful to us for offering them sessions at very reasonable prices. This has been a great success, when we first started Vibrosaun, people were little hesitant, after taking a session or two, lot of them are regulars. This is very different to normal Sauna or Far Infrared that you might have experienced.

Try and find out! You will be amazed by the relaxation this machine can bring to you.

How Vibrosaun works?

Therapeutic heat and vibrations of Vibrosaun dilates the blood vessels, relaxes the muscles, increase the heart and pulse rate and improves the blood flow, accelerating the intake of Oxygen to burn up carbohydrates and fat cells. This also accelerates kidney and other elimination functions in body like sweat glands etc. Removal of lactic acid and wastes from deeper layers of body give profound health and beauty benefits.

Benefits Of VIBROSAUN:
• Improves skin texture and tone
• Reduces wrinkles
• Relieves fluid retention
• Enhances benefits of beauty treatments and massage
• Weight loss for overweight people.
• Weight loss tool for Jockeys, Professional Models, Fighters and Body Builders
• Faster muscle recovery from injury, exercise, weight lifting, boxing or playing sports
• Improve muscle tone and bone density
• Helps Arthritis, rheumatic pains, stiff muscles and joints
• Excellent for relieving back pain or recovery from back injury
• Relieves muscular aches and pains
• Enhances benefits of physiotherapy and remedial work
• Reduces cellulite, this machine is a cellulite buster!
• Reduces stress, anxiety and restless in mind and body
• Excellent results for Insomniacs
• Removes toxins, lactic acid and wastes from body
• Improves blood circulation and lymph functions
• Helps reduce high blood pressure